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Welcome to our Dual faction pvp guild !we try to be social and helpful to new players but also entertain veterans with Inguild premades! feel free to register or apply for our guild. not only do we pvp we also tend to PVE aswell from time to time

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Breathniggas Application

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1 Breathniggas Application on Wed May 16, 2012 2:25 pm


Name: George Bellamy
Age: 19
From: California
Character Name: Breathniggas
Class: Paladin, Retribution.
Gear: S4 is daily gear for me .


Your pvp spec: I were not able to post it right now it needs 7 days...

Please explain why you selected these talents and why you believe they are optimal for your pvp performance.

Answer; I choose Divine strength because it gives me 200+ attack power, I ended up upgrading Improved Blessing of Might which i use it on daily bases,it gives me more attack power and more damage on my weapon then blessing of kings, i choose to choose blessing of might because i have enough hp and enough critical strike to do fair dmg

I hope the explanation is enough for you.

We do Battleground premades every weekend and switch each faction
around the week.
You don't have to attend each premade but are you willing to
attend these when your ingame?

Answer; Of course I'am, i would love to be with my guild and do battleground or whatever the guild will be doing I'll be doing same.
Alchemy ? :
Engineering? :
Blacksmithing? :
Cooking? :
Leatherworking? :

Please provide a list of addons you use which help you perform your role in Battlegrounds:

I do not use addons and i prefer to not to because it makes me confused during gameplay.
Reasons why you would like to join:
Answer; I was thinking about joining the guild but i really did not know which guild to choose from because there were too many. all the sudden my friend tells me that there's a guild which has a site and that's what attracted me.

What makes you special and why should we invite you?

Answer; Well theres nothing much i can really tell but I will make sure that we will have a fun together . I'm just another Paladin which plays on the server but i will claim that I'm pretty good at it. Ive been playing with paladin for almost 5 years so it should tell what experience i have.

Thanks for taking time and reading my application.

2 Re: Breathniggas Application on Thu May 17, 2012 3:20 am


Guild Master
Guild Master
Your application has been accepted.
Please contact an officer or me in the game.

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