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Magtheridon's Lair

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1 Magtheridon's Lair on Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:53 am


Magtheridon 4 818 400 HP
Enrage Timer - 22 minutes

Knockback - knockbacks players every second for 7 seconds time, interrupting the casts
Blast Nova - deals 2,5k fire damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds time to all players in raid group
Cleave - deals 8k damage to all standing in front of Maggy
Conflagration - Magtheridon sends a fireball on a random space in Citadel, entering the fire deals fire damage and a nasty fire DoT

5x Hellfire Channeler:
Shadow Volley - casting Shadow Bolts that deal 1,8k dmg to all in 30 yards range (interruptable; 1 sec cast)
Dark Mending - spell casted for 2 sec, heals Channeler for 60-80k HP
Adds are vulnerable for: Mind-Numbing Poison, Curse of Tongues (extends casting time).Locks/rogues make sure to remember that.
DPS burns adds ASAP,moving in a ordered direction(adds are located in a circle around the boss). Channelers will also summon up to Abyssal Infernals, they are fearable/ banishable. It is a good idea to CC (especially banish) them since they despawn after 1 minute. The Burning Abyssals deal 2,5k-3,5k dmg in 10 yards range, as well as cast fire blasts, which will hurt u for 3,3k fire dmg ( 20 yards range)

Manticron Cubes:
There are 5 cybes in the Lair, that MUST be activated( by clicking ) in the exact same time WHEN the boss casts his BLAST NOVA. Once it is done, Magtheridon is banished and takes more dmg. The longer you hold the cubes, the more dmg he will receive from players( 200% more !!). It is good to do so as, but u have to be aware of fire that might fuck your clicking range or even kill u while attempting (so dont strech it).

There are several tactics for the channelers phase, Imo, it's best to have a group moving from one add to another, There are 5 chanellers so normally it is prefered to have those 5 tanks. As we are Overgearing this place, it is doable with like 2 tanks Very Happy. Once u engage fight, all the channelers are burnt down one by one( mark them, make a kill order), slow casts, banish/fear infernals. Keep ppl alive, save boosters for later. After 2 minutes, the boss is unchained...

**PHASE 2:
MT grabs Boss to the wall, keeping him back from the raid(tank's back is facing the wall). If u have any channelers still alive, focus them. Phase 2 is about controlling the cubes. Every minute, Magtheridon will cast Blast nova. The moment he casts it, 5 assigned players MUST, I repat MUST Click the cube to interrupt it (Do not click it before or after Blast nova). Failing on that, will prolly wipe the raid. Throught the fight, he will also use knockback, and fire blasts. Phase 2 ends when Boss is brought down to 30% HP. It is good to stop whole DPS at 32%, wait for another Blast nova(heal the raid to 100% , have some regen) and then enter phase 3.

***Phase 3:
Maggy will do all the things from Phase 2, but she is rly pissed now. She hits the walls and the rocks start to fall from the ceiling Very Happy dealing A LOT of damage. Avoid them as u avoid herpies Very Happy. IT is now time to use BLOODLUST/HEROISM, drums Smile

aaaand she is down. As a reward, Maggy will give u tasty t4 tokens, and sadly, opportunity to ninja quest item. It is an item of class: "normal". So it does not oblige to Master loot/group loot, DO NOT SHIFT LOOT BOSS....

Last words,
The fight is rly easy, especially on this server. Keep focus, have some charismatic raid leader, hard cube clickers Twisted Evil , and u will be just fine Very Happy.

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