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Welcome to our Dual faction pvp guild !we try to be social and helpful to new players but also entertain veterans with Inguild premades! feel free to register or apply for our guild. not only do we pvp we also tend to PVE aswell from time to time

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Rules and standard info

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1 Rules and standard info on Wed May 16, 2012 12:18 pm


Guild Master
Guild Master
I'm going to explain alot of stuff in this topic try to read it all since it covers up about most of what our guild does.


We dont got alot of rules but we care about
the ones we do have.

1. No 24/7 capslock

Sure once or twice is fine but

2. No Gbank leeching

We dont appreciate leechers and its results in
an instant Gkick
And by defining a leecher i mean withdrawing stuff for all your alts.
Depositing stuff will also earn you points on our credit system(will cover that later in this topic)
Be sure to mail what you have deposited in the Gbank to me
since i cannot check the Gbank 24/7

3. English above all else.

While we dont dissapprove foreign languages
we rather have english.

4. Respecting other players.
This one is pretty high on my list. yes you can troll all you want outside of the Guildchat but inside the Gchat we prefer that you keep it at an common level.
If you decide to start randomly flaming at people this will result in a mute and after having being muted 3x times it you will be kicked.

5.Offline time.
This isnt really a rule but more of a notification.
If your offline for longer then 15days without any notification on the forums you will be kicked.

The Credit System

As some of you may have noticed, there is this little thing under your names in the forum which says "Credits".
This shows how valuable a member is to us and you can get These points in several ways for example:
-Being the Tidebreaker in an Battleground.(5pt)
-Helping possible new members to the forums.(5pt)
-Making posts and subjects.(1&3pt)
-Making groups for pvp or pve (1pt)
IF you manage to get over a staggering 200 points you will be able to achieve a Donor code on the server.
if you already are a donator then maybe you can be kind enough to give it to a player who needs it more then you.


We will dedicate premades for 1 faction each weekend.
Players here can proof themselves and get to have fun with other players.
you are not forced to join these premades you can go with what ever faction you like.
HOWEVER the person that creates premades on these weekends gets to earn points 5 points if he has made a group that did 5 or more bg's in a row and if an officer is online so he can note it down.
We are not robots however and please notify us.

Although were an PVP guild we also tend to do PVE.
We created a seperate section on the forum so you can request raids for a specific instance during a specific time.
That is... if anyone is willing to help you.
If no one can help you please do not complain at officers since they cannot force players to do things.

This basicly covers up how our guild and our system works.
We hope that you enjoy our guild. Cool

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