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Welcome to our Dual faction pvp guild !we try to be social and helpful to new players but also entertain veterans with Inguild premades! feel free to register or apply for our guild. not only do we pvp we also tend to PVE aswell from time to time

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Illpwnu's App.

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1 Illpwnu's App. on Sun May 27, 2012 4:07 am


Name: Zamry Naz
Age: 19
From: Sri-Lanka(Born in Australia)
Character Name: Illpwnu
Class: Warrior
Gear: s4/swp & t6


Your pvp/pve spec: Arms/Prot

Please explain why you selected these talents and why you believe they are optimal for your pvp performance.

Arms is the mostly used/successful spec for PvPing.And since I've tanked for 5 years,I prefer to go Protection since its the best tanking spec.


We do Battleground premades every weekend and switch each faction
around the week.
You don't have to attend each premade but are you willing to
attend these when your ingame?

Alchemy ? :-
Engineering? :Yes
Blacksmithing? :Yes
Cooking? :-
Leatherworking? :-

Please provide a list of addons you use which help you perform your role in Battlegrounds and/or raids:
DBM/Tankpoints/Recount & item rack and some chat addons.

Reasons why you would like to join:
Applez suggested me to.Nd I would like to take part in PvP/PvE groups here.

What makes you special and why should we invite you?
A good tank,who knows exactly what he's doing.Im joining to help the PvE side here,so that will be my main prio.

Did you get here by a fellow Guildmember? Le GM. Smile

Anything else you would like to add to your application?: Very dedicated player,will show up whenever there are raids if informed..and very active since I got college only 3 days a week. Smile

2 --- on Sun May 27, 2012 5:16 am


Application accepted. Contact Applez or an officer ingame for an invitation.

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