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Welcome to our Dual faction pvp guild !we try to be social and helpful to new players but also entertain veterans with Inguild premades! feel free to register or apply for our guild. not only do we pvp we also tend to PVE aswell from time to time

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Ninjastylexx's application

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1 Ninjastylexx's application on Sat May 19, 2012 4:13 am


Age:17 (18 in a few months)
From: Norway
Character Name: Ninjastylexx
Class: Warlock
Gear: brutal

Your pvp spec: sl/sl (24/37/0)

Please explain why you selected these talents and why you believe they are optimal for your pvp performance.

I made this spec mainly to try it out, but I really like it because when facing it myself I find it very frustrating to fight against, because SL/SL locks are very hard to kill. I find this spec to be good for peeling off the enemies' HP and tearing them down slowly. I would most certainly reconsider respeccing to (41/20/0)'ish spec if I were to play seriously, however, for a better damage output and viability in a serious premade battlegroup.

We do Battleground premades every weekend and switch each faction
around the week.
You don't have to attend each premade but are you willing to
attend these when your ingame?
Absolutely, I love playing battlegrounds, and I hate playing alone in battlegrounds. Especially with no forms for communicating other than typing (of course).
Alchemy ? : No
Engineering?: No
Blacksmithing? : No
Cooking? : No
Leatherworking? : No

Please provide a list of addons you use which help you perform your role in Battlegrounds:

I have gotten used to not using any form of addons in this game. In battlegrounds I especially don't feel the need to use them, to be quite honest.

The only thing that helps me perform my role in battlegrounds is the million keybinds I have. ._.
Reasons why you would like to join:
I would love to play in battlegrounds, and the fact that your guild have plans for pve really intrigued me.

What makes you special and why should we invite you?
I'm a relaxed person who plays a lot of video games, I am mature, and I can take a joke.

Did you get here by a fellow Guildmember?
I got here by the allmighty Leithkorias, who by the way drinks way too much purple drank.

Anything else you would like to add to your application?:

incase you're curious about the name: I made the name to seem like a 12 year old, and I tried to piss people off, and trash talk them combined with my name for extra effect(I suppose?).

2 Ruijin Says... on Sat May 19, 2012 4:17 am


Application accepted. Contact me (Ruijin) or any other officer or Applez ingame for an invite.

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