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Welcome to our Dual faction pvp guild !we try to be social and helpful to new players but also entertain veterans with Inguild premades! feel free to register or apply for our guild. not only do we pvp we also tend to PVE aswell from time to time

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Shaik's Application.

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1 Shaik's Application. on Fri May 18, 2012 4:06 am


Name: Kuba
Age: 21
From: Poland
Character Name: Shaik
Class: Paladin
Gear: Full t6/s3 PvP holy gear + Guardian neck (earned, I haven't donated for it), PvE 4/8t6 + 4 SWP (Holy), Full s3 retri, 4/8t6 + full SWP geared (used to play this acc when SWP was dropping in ZA), some tank shits t6/t5/swp.


Your pvp spec:

41/20/0, I'd link it, but as the discription says: New members are not allowed to post external links or emails for 7 days. Please contact the forum administrator for more information.

Imho, it's the only useful holy spec.
Using it since retail, so meh, I'm sure it's the best one.


Obv, I will attend the premades if I'm online.

Alchemy ? : Full, discovered all the flasks.
Engineering? : Full also.
Blacksmithing? : Got it also, just on another char.
Cooking? : -
Leatherworking? : -

Please provide a list of addons you use which help you perform your role in Battlegrounds:

Honestly, I use Xpearl and Interrupt Bar only.

Reasons why you would like to join:
Actually, I'd love to have some PvP fun with You.

What makes you special and why should we invite you?

I'm juss suppa ossom imba healer. Naah, honestly, I'm drunk almost all the time, which might make me special. You prolly haven't noticed yet, but 1 beer = + 200 dps. I swear!

Did you get here by a fellow Guildmember?
Nope, but I bet I know some of them.

Anything else you would like to add to your application?:
I'm one of the most f*cked people around the world, that's what I'd like to add (Seems like it's important, tho).

2 Re: Shaik's Application. on Fri May 18, 2012 4:09 am


Guild Master
Guild Master
We definitly need more Drunkards.
Your application has been accepted.
Contact me or an officer ingame.

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